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Terms and Agreement

1. Users, visitors, guest, members, affiliate members, associates partners and third party of BizAndServices.com should read, understand and accept our current Privacy Statement and Privacy Policies provided herein.

2. Users, visitors, guest, members, affiliate members, associates partners and third party of BizAndServices.com should read, understand and accept our current Copyright Protection provided herein.

3. Users, visitors, guest, members, affiliate members, associates partners and third party of BizAndServices.com should read, understand and accept our current Terms and Definitions provided herein.

4. Users, visitors, guest, members, affiliate members, associates partners and third party of BizAndServices.com should read, understand and accept our current Service Agreement provided herein.

Privacy Statement   

BizAndServices.com and all its affiliate resources are committed in bringing the best of business information to our visitors and members. At the same time, we try harder to adhere with our existing policies in order to protect and respect your privacy as well as ours. The following are policies we continue to maintain and update to improve our relationship with you and our image to the public, local and global.

Privacy Policies   

Policy 1. From time to time, we will explicitly ask you information that personally identifies you to voluntarily provide personal information, opinion, ideas, tips, surveys, and other pertinent questions. We respect your rights to refuse in providing us such information. By voluntarily submitting information requested from our services, you are hereby giving BizAndServices.com and all its affiliate resources full rights and ownership to dispense such information to perform our business function legally.

Policy 2. From time to time, BizAndServices.com and all its affiliate resources as well as our incoming business partners and associates may render new services that such information previously collected from you may have adverse effect to your privacy. We totally respect your privacy to disable such information in our control that you deem is being use for such specific services. Such information can be updated, revised or disabled through functionalities existing on our site or by contacting us through phone, E-mail, letter or fax which ever deems effective. Such request will be subject to strict validation of proper ownership.

Policy 3. Such information given to us through our Web site and functionalities, affiliate resources, business partners and associates, or other means of information solicitation does not provide us 100% accuracy or guarantees such information will always remain valid or helpful. We respect your rights to update information in our controlled possession that you have given us. We do not have rights to update your information from other resources that you have provided through other channels, media, Web sites and other resources that may have entered in our possession.

Policy 4. We may disclose Personal Information if required to do so by law or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to (a) conform to existing law or comply with legal process of our business; (b) protect and defend our rights, property, our business and those of our users, members, associates and partners and (c) protect the personal safety of our users or the public.

Policy 5. We respect the privacy rights of every person in United States of America and of other countries. BizAndServices.com will apply every possible means and technology to identify such information provider is of legal age to join, participate in any of our services, programs or business functions. However, such information given to us may not guarantee its accuracy or legality or does it retains its affectivity for a specific purpose or specified time.

Copyright Protection   

1. BizAndServices.com prohibits copying, collecting, broadcasting, distributing all information, codes, contents, intellectual properties, functionalities, specifications, designs and applications found in our Web site, affiliate sites, database, server, and all type of repositories owned or serviced that are considered private properties of BizAndServices.com without express written permission from its owner.

2. BizAndServices.com may have existing services that share, e-mails, print, fax, display, information such as ideas, advise, tips, news, stories, case studies, recommendation, statistics etc. to members, visitors, business associates, clients or to public in general. Such information may not be allowed to be redistributed and or modified in any form for the purpose of selling, propaganda, Spam, public misinformation and or any illegal activity other than its specific intended purpose.

3. BizAndServices.com strictly manage its information for extreme accuracy to serve its clients, users, members and the public in general. We therefore restrict anyone and everyone in providing us information that are copyright protected, unwarranted, bias, dangerous, classified for distribution, illegal under your existing government laws and that are in good faith considered harmful or unlawful.

4. BizAndServices.com welcomes publishers right. If you believe your copyright material was delivered to us accidentally or intentionally and was published in our site, please bring it to our attention and we will immediately removed it after validating your copyright claims.

Service Agreement   

1. BizAndServices.com is strictly against Spam. We do not send E-mails to our visitors, guest and members without their approval.

2. By posting your message, business tips, success stories, news and other information to our collection services, you expressly grant us an irrevocable license to reprint, sell, or re-use your posting, in any form or format, on a royalty-free. You are also granting visitors and members with proper access to the Web site where information you freely contributed will be viewed and used.

3. Visitors and members may contribute such information to BizAndServices.com that provides their own individual opinions, which may be interpreted differently to other person's point of view. Such cases are not under our full control. We therefore advise visitors and members not to absorb such information and that they are not meant to harm. We respect "Freedom of Speech". However, we oppose "Freedom to Cause Harm" in any form.

4. BizAndServices.com provides different avenue of services to all our visitors, members and clients. We do not guarantee such services will help everyone regardless of their individual or business status. You solely agree that by using our services held us unaccountable for any lost in profit, bankruptcy, liability and other similar issues.

Terms and Definitions   

BizAndServices.com - refers to personnels and owners running this business and in some case refers to services rendered by this business.

Members - refers to BizAndServices.com members who are participating in one or more of business function or services.

Affiliate members - refers to members to which BizAndServices.com is an affiliate of another existing business.

Associates partners - refers to one or more individuals, groups, organization, government who have existing business partnership with BizAndServices.com.

Third party - refers to vendors who have specific business entity with BizAndServices.com.

Existing policies - refers to policies of BizAndServices.com that are currently updated.

Controlled possession - refers to any entity that BizAndServices.com has full rights, authority, capability and control.

Visitors - refers to people visiting our Web site and its affiliate sites.

Spam - refers to sending unsolicited E-mails to a person or group of persons continuously without their approval.

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