There are now more than two billion Web sites around the world and still growing. The fascinating thing about this Web site is that they are affordable. You can have a Web site for a business, a family or an organization with price ranging from FREE to millions of dollars depending on how simple or complex your Web site can be. Of course FREE is not always the best choice since there is a catch and limitation to what your Web site can do. Choosing the best Web site should always be based on your intention, expectation and budget. BizAndServices.com considers these three factors very important. What is the use of having a good Web site design that doesn't provide good returns on your expectations? Never judge a book by its cover or a Web site by its contents. What is the use of having a complex and expensive Web site that has all the functionalities and capabilities to deliver your expected return on investment but budget is beyond your practical reach? With proper balance of these three factors, BizAndServices.com has plenty of room to deliver your needs a reality.

  Expose your business or services world wide 24 hours a day.
  Reduce expensive advertisement.
  Let your Web site do the task

1. A domain name i.e. www.mywebsite.com
2. A professional Web site

BizAndServices.com will do all these for you in a few hours or days depending on your specific needs.

- Jack Green, a former owner of a big oil drilling company established a new business in 1996. In order to accelerate public exposure of his business, BizAndServices.com designed his very first Web site that enables his customers view available products as well as his imported items. During his constant travel outside the country, his Web site is always there to serve his clients 24 hours a day.

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