E-Commerce is one of the most effective tool every business should have. With an existing shopping cart, it requires no salesperson to do the job for you. Imagine hundreds of transactions executed every minute 24 hours a day that requires no cash register machines, no daytime or overtime paid personnel, no parking lot.

 Sell your products or somebody else products, services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
 No need to hire sales people or rent a store.
 No need to work eight hours a day, just watch sales orders come in.

1. A domain name i.e. www.mywebsite.com
2. An E-Commerce site

BizAndServices.com will do all these for you in a few hours or days depending on your specific needs.

- A businesswoman started her Arts and Collectibles in November 1969, Los Angeles, CA. With over a million dollar worth of inventories, BizAndServices.com launches her very first e-commerce site and made her first online sale in just 12 days. She received numerous e-mails from her online visitors and compliments from business owners about her web site.

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- Sell home made products from educational learning kits for students, food recipes and specialties,   paintings, amazing photo collections etc.
- Sell manufacturers products with markup price from vitamins and dietary supplements, costmetics,   perfumes, arts and crafts, pool supplies etc.
- Sell your online services from tax preparation, marketing and product promotions, sales   advertisement designs, financial advise and many more.
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