According to tech market researcher IDC, revenues from Web site security products will rise to nearly $700 million. That's up from $65 million in revenues according to Massachusetts-based firm. Security will always be an important part in any business. Chances of losing valuable data is much more expensive than to adapt ways to secure it. Backing up data does not do any good if it is the backup data has been hacked. Chances are data being backup through third party services can be viewed, modified, copied, redistributed accidentally. Such accident from third party are totally out of your control. What's the solution? Encrypt it! Either you keep a piece of important data from your E-mail or store your sensitive documents in an underground repository server or maybe just in a diskette on top of your desk, it stays safe and secured if it is encrypted.

  Saves time collecting and re-creating valuable information.
  Encrypt it, save it anywhere, access it anywhere.
  Protects sensitive data from competitors.

1. A customize encryption tool.
2. A password key to encrypt/decrypt your data. will design a customize encryption tool for you.
All you need is a special password key to encrypt any data you want.
You can use unlimited number of keys for different levels of security.

- received a call from a tax accountant who just came from a vacation in Hawaii. He was in great distress after telling us all his clients' years and years of tax information have been wiped out completely. Such client's tax information are extremely sensitive to allow third party to store it. If information have only been encrypted, critical data may have been backup and have it stored anywhere with a peace of mind.

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